DISCOVERING YOUR INNER ATHLETE - It's all about the journey, not the finish line.
Most competitive athletes, no matter their age, have a vivid, personal highlight reel: sprinting across the finish line ahead of the field; eluding ferocious tackles to score the winning touchdown; swishing an impossible three-pointer at the buzzer.

There’s real pleasure in cuing up these glorious, defining memories, of course. Except that, for many of us, those memories didn’t happen yesterday — or even last year. The most remarkable stuff occurred in high school or college, some 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years ago or maybe even not at all. It’s time to say “good-bye” to the fantasy and joyfully embrace who we are today.

Ok, we get it. Age eventually becomes an issue for everyone. What we need to understand is that getting older comes with great insight, patience and the knowledge that our bodies are amazing miracles. Think about where your body has taken you and what it still does for you regardless of the abuses of process foods and lack of proper care you have put it through.

It is time to decide what you want as an athlete and how you are going to adjust your schedule to accommodate it. More importantly a fitness routine is about health, fitness, mental balance and variety. Get away from the old school mind set of being a “competitor” and enjoy the fitness journey of being a “participant”.

You have come to the realization you are out of shape and out of touch. The secret is to find the physical activity that makes you feel great and you love doing it. From clogging to hang gliding to marathons the joy of the activity is in the individual athlete.

Get an honest-to-goodness body assessment. You need a starting point to get ready to launch. Make an appointment with a certified coach, physical therapist, or a certified personal trainer. Any of which can help you to assess, plan and prioritize.

Consider the time you can realistically commit to a new fitness regimen. Balancing a family, career and a new activity needs planning and organization. You have decided on an activity and you already know your work and family schedule, so take a look and decide what time each day you have available to commit to yourself. Often times we have to decide what can be moved or eliminated to get the schedules in sync.

For example; I used to work from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and had two young children. That meant workouts were either late evening or early morning and five days a week. That routine didn’t last so I became sedentary and unhappy for years. Then I got creative when I realized I could do a lunch time workout one day a week, or take a late lunch and do a workout in the afternoon, or early morning and mix in some weekend sessions. I talked to my employer who, surprisingly, agreed to accommodate my mid-day workouts. You know your schedule and commitments better than anyone else so get creative and make it happen.

Embrace this new journey that comes from a place of exercising for fun. As you reinvent yourself as the best athlete you can be right now, you can reprogram your internal messages and become your own cheerleader. You will begin to partner with your body. So, invite it to participate and cooperate instead of commanding it to perform. I suggest exploring new types of movement and avoiding mechanical or obsessive activities.

Most importantly, have fun! The bottom line for reinventing your workout is to make it playful, creative, and diverse. Do what makes you happy.

Change is scary. Take your focus off thinking about the possibility of failing and view your life as an experimental process — that way it’s easier to overcome challenges. Tips for moving forward with positive change:

1. Reprioritize. “Your priorities are different at age 55 than when you were 25,” says Moore. “You have to modify your visions and goals as your life evolves.”
2. Reframe. Making self-care and fitness a priority is tougher than it looks, because most of us put others’ needs before our own. Realize that staying fit and healthy is the best way to be of service to those you care about most.
3. Take baby steps. Make small, gradual, sustainable changes. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t crash diet. Instead, make just two small scale-backs each day. For example, swap the morning latte for a cup of tea and skip the midnight snack.

Who says workouts have to be drudgery? Let’s explore some options:

• Seek outdoor environments: Hike a new trail, rock climb or go kayaking.
• Unite body, mind and spirit with martial arts. Try tai chi, qigong or aikido.
• Be social. If you like camaraderie, join a league or club.
• Loosen up with yoga or Pilates
• Merge your to-do list with exercise. Run errands on foot or commute by bike.
• Get creative. Try salsa dancing, Nia, belly-dancing or a hip-hop class.

RunnerMama offers introductory to running sessions, group runs for any that are interested in trying out the running activity. For more information email us at:

Congratulations New Half Marathoners
Team RunnerMama had so much fun participating in the 2016 Rogue Run Half Marathon. 13.1 beautiful miles in the Rogue Valley along the path.

Two of our team members were facing their first half marathon challenge. They did AWESOME!

Congratulations Annette & Ashley!

As the days get shorter, and colder, we want to ask you to get out the night gear and make sure everything is working.

•Do you need new bulbs in your headlamp?
•Do batteries need to be replaced.
•Does the reflective vest still fit or need repairing?
•Where are your running gloves, gaters, hats and lined leggings?
•Has the pepper spray expired?
•Does anything need to be replaced?
•Do you need new shoes? Well, YES, of course we do ....

Most important of all simply enjoy the beauty of the season. And, as always,

Run Happy ~ A

26.2 or Bust! #EugeneMarathon2016
As we approach the holiday season we are keeping in mind the 18-week training plan that is twinkling on the other side of 2015.

November and December will be filled with many challenges both social and physical so we do not derail our training base. My advice to each of you is to:

♥ Eat clean - skip processed meals and eat whole foods.

♥ Hydrate like it's your job - drink half your weight in ounces of plain H2o.

♥ Spin those kicks - get out there and run 4-6 times per week. Check out our Group Runs page for weekly meeting times.

♥ Cross it out - do some form of cross training two times per week.

Do not worry about the numbers of miles you are running or your pace. The idea is to keep your body conditioned and build core strength while we gear up for marathon training.

Most importantly always remember to ....

RunHappy ~ A

It's a Proud Moment When ...
Well, we have done it. We have taken some of our first NOOBS through an official half marathon and we could not be more proud!

Congratulations to Tina P.! You did awesome :)

Run Happy ~ A

Some Day's It's Chicken - Some Day's It's Feathers
We start out with the best of intentions. We plan the workout, make sure we wear the right gear, schedule around family, meet up with the girls and head out. You never quite know what you're going to get.

It is said "the first mile is a liar". Then there are days when the entire workout is a liar. You prep and push yourself and realize that it just isn't going to happen. That is when you admit to yourself that some days it's chicken and soe day's it feathers. What is a girl to do?

Take a step back and appreciate what it is your body can do. You are out there putting in the miles and pushing youself against the physical and personal limitations you have. Remember to be kind to yourself and respect how far you have come. You are awesome! And don't you forget it!

Run Happy ~ A

RunnerMama's Power Bites
We're OBSESSED with these!

12 Medjool Dates - pitted
1/4c Sunflower Seeds – raw
2T Coco Powder – unsweetened
1 scoop Plant Based Protein Powder – chocolate
1T Chia Seeds
1T Safflower Oil
1/4c Quinoa – popped
1T Nutella
24pcs Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy Melts

Heat & Pop: Heat a small skillet on medium high – place Quinoa in skillet and pop like you would popcorn. Keep moving the skillet or the cornels will burn. Remove when popping stops and place quinoa on a paper towel.

Process: In a food processor mix Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Coco Powder, Protein Powder and Nutella until a thick ball of gooey forms. Then, hand mix (I used a fork) popped Quinoa and Chia Seeds.

Form: With a teaspoon scoop up and roll 24 balls. Place in freezer.

Melt: Melt in a double boiler enough candy chocolate to coat your Power Bites. When melted, roll each Protein Bite around to complete coat. Place on waxed paper to firm up.

Serving Size: 1 Ball
Servings Per Recipe: 24

Amount Per Serving
Calories 80
Fat 2.7g
Sodium 25g
Carbs 13.5g
Sugar 10g
Protein 1.8g

Aahhh ... the Rest Day
We train, we eat, we sleep then we repeate and by the end of the week exhaustion sets in. When we reach this point we tend to think in Rainbows and Unicorns.

This week, as I neared the end of my long run some place up the N Umpqua Trail, I talked myself into the next level of running goals, the 26.2.

The moment I made up my mind I could feel the ground shift and my first thought was "Are you completely crazy?" This was followed by all kinds of self doubt and negative feedback between my ears. By the end of the trail my mind was made up, I will be beefing up the miles in preparation of the training to come.

Do you have a goal that goes above and beyond your self expectation? How did you get through it?

Run Happy ~ A